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Zarate Dental Clinic in America.
Zarate Dental Clinic. Dental clinics in Madrid and Toledo.


Juan Antonio Arias Pascual   ( Aesthetic Restoration )

Treatment and unbeatable treatment. I recommend it to friends and family.


Iván Gómez Herreros   ( Aesthetic Restoration )

The staff good and an excellent treatment. Very professional.


Sergio Bellido Sánchez   ( Splinting of Dental Parts )

It has been a very positive experience. I was very happy with the service and I recommend it to my acquaintances.


Paqui Manzaneque Sánchez   ( Rehabilitation of ATM )

Good and correct treatment.


Manuela Fuentes Lucero   ( Rehabilitation of ATM and Treatment of Gums )

Very happy, very professional staff.


Luis Arranz Garrido   ( Fixed Bridge on Implants )

The professionals of Zarate Dental Clinic have demonstrated great professionalism at all times. I received a wonderful treatment from everyone. They have got a very happy patient.


José Pachón García   ( Unitary Implants )

In me and for your good work you have won a client forever. Thank you.


Rosa Jiménez Gil   ( Four Implants + Upper Bar and Overdenture )

Good overall treatment of the whole team. I was very satisfied with the implants. Thank you. I recommend it.


María Reyes Martínez Plata   ( Fixed Bridge on Implants )

A very good treatment on the part of all the professionals of Cínica Dental Zárate. I was very happy with the treatment they gave me.


Juan Antonio Martínez   ( Complete Upper and Lower Rehabilitation with Implants )

I found the treatment received by the clinic staff to be very good, and the treatment received was equally very comfortable and I was very satisfied.


María Sáenz Fernández   ( Fixed Cases with Full Rehabilitation )

To my treatment I have to say that I finished very happy with the result. A process has been very well done at all times. They said that treatment would be long, but time is not important. It was worth waiting the result seen as good and the beautiful time in my perfect opinion, since there seems artificial at all. And this meant to give my sincere and big thanks to all staff of the Dental Clinic Zarate for their professionalism and friendliness, both doctors and their assistants, and thank you for your patience, closeness, concern and support I received.

Best regards and wish you all the best in professional and personal life. A very happy patient.


Antonio Rivera Camuñas   ( Implants and Bone Graft )

After visiting almost all dental clinics Seseña and Aranjuez looking for budget, I was not hard deciding on Zarate. Though not the cheapest nor the most expensive, (it's in the middle of all that I saw) the exaustivo recognition, without skimping on resources (in any other clinic I did X-rays) given that the budget is no commitment, further explanation of the doctor, the process should be followed ... all this made me when I was someone who inspired me to trust that had not had (this is not to disqualify anyone).
They are simply personal feelings.

After eight months to finish the process and to the surprise of the results, I want to write, to reiterate my thanks to the whole team, for desviviros as you do with patients. Do not change, a big hug.


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