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Zarate Dental Clinic in America.
Zarate Dental Clinic. Dental clinics in Madrid and Toledo.


Odontopediatrics. Dental treatments in Madrid y Toledo.


Odontopediatrics. Dental treatments in Madrid y Toledo.Odontopediatrics includes dental care for children in primary dentition, mixed, until the development of final denture.

· Decay, extractions, indirect pulp capping (pulp protection from deep cavity), direct pulp capping (pulp covering due to extraction by traumatism).

· Pulpotomy (removing the coronal pulp) and Pulpectomy (removing the pulp and ducts).

· Dental Traumatisms.

· Topical fluoride application (to strengthen the enamel).

· Pit and fissure sealants (to prevent tooth decay).

Request your appointment online.· Space Maintainers, fixed or removable (for tooth loss, until the final tooth comes out). Prevents dental crowding, incorrect bites, malocclusion, etc...

Cases of dental malposition are derived to our orthodontist specialist in aligning the teeth.

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