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Zarate Dental Clinic in America. Zarate Dental Clinic in America.

Zarate Dental Clinic

Trusted dentists in Madrid and Toledo

Zarate Dental Clinic in Seseña, Toledo.Zarate Dental Clinic has an excellent group of medical and dental professionals, who have been working for more than 13 years curing and improving the oral health of our patients.

The center of Seseña (Toledo) opened its doors in 2008 by the hand of Dr. Miguel Ángel Zárate Gamarra. Since then, his career has always been upward, to the point of opening a new dental clinic in Pinto (Madrid) a few years ago.

Zarate Dental Clinic in Pinto, Madrid.At Zarate Dental Clinic we are experts in all types of dental treatments in Madrid and Toledo, mainly in the areas of implantology, oral maxillofacial surgery and general dentistry, adapting each year to the constant advances in the scientific and technical development of our specialty.

We have the most advanced technology, which allows us to offer the best dental treatments, always personalized and adjusted to the needs of each patient.

All the professionals who carry out their work in our facilities are qualified specialists in the different areas of dentistry, who will provide you with detailed information about your diagnosis and offer you the best oral treatments.

Our values are based on personalized attention, human quality, safety and hygiene, professionalism, seriousness and commitment. We advise you and provide you with the best solutions for your mouth.

Come visit us, the review and diagnosis are free

Top quality dental treatments, unbeatable rates and payment facilities


Zarate Dental Clinic in America

Our Zarate Dental Clinic team now also provides its services in Lima (Peru) and in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

An excellent team of professionals offering professional dental services for the correction of the jaw joint. Among these services and interventions are the correction of the maxilla and mandible (orthognathic surgery), dental implants, placement of hyaluronic acid, bichectomies and the entire maxillofacial complex, etc.

All interventions are carried out at the Porvenir Hospital in Lima and at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, on different dates of the year previously designated.

You can access the ESAIS website (European Studies in Advanced Implantology and Surgery) if you wish to contact these dental professionals in America.

America Patient Contact:   Contacta por WhatsApp. +34 616 171 106

Orthognathic Surgery

When a patient candidate for orthognathic surgery comes to our medical team, a complete analysis of his face is carried out, exhaustively studying all the elements that compose it: jaw, maxilla, zygomatic bones, nose, orbital regions, teeth and all soft tissues lining the facial skeleton and cervical region. In the same way that all these components form an indivisible set, the maxillofacial surgeon must also jointly assess morphology and function. Thus, when trying to harmonize a face, the entire dento-cranial-maxillofacial complex with its different aesthetic and functional elements must be evaluated holistically. The professionals of the Maxillofacial Institute conceive functionality and aesthetics as a whole.

Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ

The temporomandibular joints (one on each side of the head) ensure that the jaw articulates with the temporal bone in the skull. These joints are what allow the jaw to move back and forth, so they are essential to perform basic functions such as chewing or speaking.

TMJ syndrome can have different causes and in many cases it is impossible to determine its exact origin. However, one of the most common causes is physical stress on the structures near the joint, such as the muscles of the jaw, face and neck, teeth, ligaments, blood vessels or nearby nerves.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best solution when it comes to replacing lost teeth. They are titanium screws that, through a minor surgical intervention, are placed in the maxillary bone and replace the root of the missing tooth. Subsequently, the restoration is placed over them, usually a custom-made crown that has the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

To place a dental implant, in the first place it is necessary to carry out, by means of radiographic tests, the study of the state of the bone where the implant will be placed. The placement procedure begins with the application of anesthesia in the area to be treated, then proceeding to prepare the bone where the implant will be housed. This preparation is carried out by means of a sequence of drills with the shape of the implant that are introduced from smallest to largest until creating the exact housing where the implant will go. Finally, the implant will be placed and if it has been necessary to open the gum, the wound will be closed with stitches.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a gel that is applied by micro-injections directly into the skin and helps to replace the lost natural hyaluronic acid. Depending on its density, it can be used in various applications.

What then does hyaluronic acid treatment achieve? It allows to reshape shapes and contours of the face and lips, to give volume in the areas modified by the aging process; also fill in furrows and static wrinkles, that is, the deepest and most visible wrinkles with the face at rest.

Facial reshaping with filling substances is a medical technique that will regenerate lost volume, eliminate wrinkles, mold the facial contour, reduce furrows and folds, and add volume and contour to the lips. It is a technique indicated to fill skin depressions and recreate the volume lost over time, in addition to hydrating the skin and correcting facial imperfections.

Hyaluronic acid is obtained in the laboratory, therefore, it is of chemical origin, totally biocompatible and resorbable. It is found in the body composition of the human being, but with aging it is lost and therefore the skin loses smoothness, flaccidity and distortion of the facial oval appear.

Bichat Balls

Bichat Balls are ball-shaped accumulations of fat that are found on the cheeks and that give the face a plump, bulky and poorly defined appearance. They are located between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle, on both sides of the face and have no specific function.

Bichectomy is a surgical intervention in which a small incision is made on the inner side of each of the cheeks and, by pressure from the outer face, the Bichat Balls are extracted. The process is easy and painless, with local anesthesia normally being used. With a duration of 30 to 45 minutes, it is very similar to a dental treatment. As for the postoperative period, there is usually no inflammation and it gradually decreases. The definitive effects are appreciated one month after the intervention and the environment that surrounds the patient usually associates it with a dental intervention if he does not want it to leak that he has undergone surgery.